Dr. Kelso teaches her capstone class


The Bachelor of Arts in Human Services & Social Justice prepares students to work in governmental agencies, nonprofits, schools, and health centers by utilizing inclusive, socially just and sustainable practices. We achieve this by offering students educational experiences that pair classroom knowledge with community partners in each of our core classes.


About the Program:


HSSJ Students learn to

  • Manage projects at non-profits organizations
  • Analyze and apply strategies for non-profits through program evaluations 
  • Secure financial support for programs (grant writing, fundraising, development)
  • Coordinate collaboration between team members and community partners
  • Communicate with diverse audiences and communities
  • Complete independent research
  • Compare and adopt leadership approaches for managing complex projects in diverse environments


Program Highlights

  • Experience working with community organization in each course (300 total hours)
  • Gain skills needed to work in non-profit, government or the private sectors
  • Capstone experience leading social change through philanthropy 
  • Small class sizes that promote a strong sense of student community




  • Are you interested in advocacy working with people on issues such as women’s rights, immigration reform, racial equality, workers’ rights, health and safety reform and LGBTQ rights, among others?
  • Are interested in pursuing a teaching career ? 
    • (*GW Teach minor pairs nicely with our program)
  • Are you interested in program management?
  • Are you interested in working on improving social problems in the fields of education, housing, health, employment, etc. ? 
  • Are you interested in working in the field of health services?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our program is for you!



Advising Packet AY 2021-22

Beginning in Fall 2021 there will be changes to the curriculum, to stay up-to date on the curriculum starting in Fall 2021 please view the advising packet above. 

Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

Program-specific curriculum (below).

Achievement of a minimum grade of C- in all courses that count toward the degree.

HSSJ 1100Introduction to Human Services and Social Justice3
SOC 1001Introduction to Sociology3
or SOC 1002 The Sociological Imagination
HSSJ 1177Organizing for Social Justice in Human Services
HSSJ 2170Interpersonal Relationships in Human Services
HSSJ 2171Human Interactions: Child and Adolescent Development
HSSJ 2172Human Interactions: Adult Development
HSSJ 2200Principles of Ethical Leadership
HSSJ 3100WProgram Planning and Evaluation
HSSJ 3110WNonprofit and Organizational Management
HSSJ 3152
HSSJ 3153
Fact/Field/Fiction: Intersections in HSSJ
and Internship in Human Services and Social Justice *
HSSJ 4195Capstone Seminar in Human Services and Social Justice
SOC 2101Social Research Methods
*HSSJ 3152 and HSSJ 3153 must be taken concurrently.
Two courses (6 credits) selected from the following:
HSSJ 2160Role of NGOs in International Humanitarian Assistance
SOC 2104Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 2105Social Problems in American Society
SOC 2163Sociology of Education
SOC 2170Class and Inequality in American Society
SOC 2173Social Movements
SOC 2175Sociology of Sex and Gender
SOC 2179Race and Minority Relations