Combined BA in HSSJ/MPA

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The Human Services and Social Justice Program offers a combined Bachelor of Arts in HSSJ/Master of Public Administration degree in partnership with the Columbian College’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration (TSPPPA). The 40-credit combined program allows students to complete 12 credits as part of the undergraduate studies, thereby completing the master’s degree on an accelerated timeline.

BA students taking public policy and public administration (PPPA) graduate courses must work with a TSPPPA advisor in addition to their HSSJ advisor.

Questions? Contact Anil Nathan in the Trachtenberg School

"My experiences at GW have helped me to realize that service isn’t just a career — it’s what we owe to one another."

Ashley Trick
BA ’15, MPA ’18


Application Requirements

How to Apply to CCAS Combined Degree Programs

Course Requirements

All Bachelor of Arts in HSSJ requirements and Master of Public Administration requirements must be completed. Four courses (12 credits) from the MPA program must be taken as part of the BA program. These courses will be double counted toward the MPA requirements. For details on the MPA requirements, visit the Master of Public Administration page.


Students should complete the required PPPA 6000 course as a prerequisite during the summer after junior year or during senior year.

Course Load and Registration

In order to retain undergraduate financial aid, students must maintain a minimum of 51 percent undergraduate classes. Options include adding a one-credit course to the fourth year or taking one four-credit rather than a three-credit course in the fourth year. Students are still considered undergraduates during their fourth year. Therefore, to register for any TSPPPA courses, students must complete a Registration Transaction Form and contact TSPPPA for submission and approval.

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