Minor in HSSJ

An HSSJ student in a baseball cap sits in the foreground of a class

The flexible minor in human services and social justice allows students to combine their passion for HSSJ with a major in another department. It is particularly well suited for those who are interested in the nonprofit sector and policy making.

Our minor combines well with many majors, including public health, sustainability, international affairs, peace studies, psychology, business and political science, to name just a few. Students in the minor choose from course options such as Nonprofit Management, The Role of NGOs in International Humanitarian Assistance, Organizing for Social Justice in Human Services and our other exciting service learning courses.

This minor can be combined with the following programs in the Sociology Department:

Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including one 3-credit required course and at least 15 credits in elective courses. A minimum grade of C- must be achieved in any course that counts toward the minor.
HSSJ 1100Introduction to Human Services and Social Justice
​Five Human Services and Social Justice (HSSJ) courses​​​ taken for ​a total of at least 15 credits. Electives should be selected in consultation with the program director.​ N​o m​o​re than one ​elective course can be taken at the 1000 level.