Combined BA in Human Services & Social Justice / Masters of Public Administration (MPA)

Eligible and interested students may apply for a combined dual degree program to earn Bachelor of Arts with a major in Human Services & Social Justice (HSSJ) and a Masters of Public Administration. Students should apply to the MPA Program the fall of their third year.

New Human Services & Social Justice Program (HSSJ)

If you have questions, contact the program director Professor Michelle Kelso at [email protected].

For BA in Human Services & Social Justice (HSSJ)

Prerequisites (3 credits)

SOC 1001  Introduction to Sociology (3)
or SOC 1002  The Sociological Imagination (3)

Requirements (24 credits)

HSSJ 1177  Organizing for Social Justice in Human Services (3)

HSSJ 2171  Human Interactions: Child and Adolescent Development (3)

HSSJ 2172  Human Interactions: Adult Development (3)

HSSJ 3100W  Program Planning and Evaluation (3)

HSSJ 3110W  Non-Profit and Organizational Management (3)

HSSJ 3152  Fact, Field, Fiction: Intersections in Human Services and Social Justice (6)

HSSJ 4195  Capstone Seminar in Human Services and Social Justice (3)

Other Requirements (12 credits)

SOC 2101 Research Methods (3)

SOC 2170 Class and Inequality (3)
or SOC 2179  Race and Minority Relations (3)

SOC 2104 Contemporary Sociological Theory (3)
or SOC 2175 Sociology of Sex ad Gender (3)

HSSJ 2200 Principles of Ethical Leadership (3) 


  • Complete the general requirements for the Columbian College of Arts and Science.
  • Complete 3 credit hours of a 1000-level course in one other field of study, approved by the combined program advisor.
  • Complete 12 credit hours of approved Public Administration courses taken in the last year of the BA. This can be counted towards both the BA and the MA.

*If you enrolled in the Human Services major or minor and are still working on your degree, please contact Michelle Kelso ([email protected]) for guidelines.


  • Follow the established curriculum for the Masters of Public Administration.
  • Complete a 1-credit hour prerequisite course (PPPA 6000) taken during junior year.
  • Complete 12 credit hours of approved MPA coursework taken during the last year of the BA in Human Services.
  • Complete a total of 40 Credits, including 13 taken in the last year of the undergraduate program.

Financial Implications

In the 4th year of this program, in order to maintain any financial aid you may have, 51% of your total credit hours must be in undergraduate courses. Options include adding a 1-credit course to your 4th year or taking one 4-credit rather than a 3-credit course in the 4th year.