HSSJ Students Reconnect at Thomson Elementary

April 15, 2024

HSSJ Students at Thomson Elementary

"After Dr. Walls brought in her former student, Joshua Abraham to speak to our HSSJ intro class about his work as head of the afterschool enrichment program at a local D.C. public school, Thomson Elementary, both of us knew we wanted to get involved. After now having volunteered with Joshua and his team for the last couple of months we are so grateful for this opportunity to connect with other GW students that was facilitated by Dr. Walls. Though neither of us are particularly interested in working in education, having this real hands-on experience to help bridge the gap between the high walls of the GW bubble and the real people of D.C., was the highlight of our freshman years. Seeing students who grew up so differently than either one of us, gave us both a feeling of hope seeing how the younger generations of different backgrounds all play together, judgment free. Overall this experience is something that benefited us tremendously not only in our ability to be civically engaged, but also in our ability to grow our professional network. We are so grateful to both Dr. Walls and Joshua for this opportunity!"

- Morgan Coursey & Ruby Burns