Major in Human Services & Social Justice (HSSJ)

The new Human Services & Social Justice Program takes effect in Fall 2014. Students declaring a major in HSSJ must complete the general requirements per the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) in addition to the following 45 CREDITS required of the major. For course descriptions, refer to our HSSJ Course Offerings page.

First or Second Year (total credits = 30)

Fall Semester

HSSJ 1100  Introduction to Human Services and Social Justice (3)

HSSJ 1177  Organizing for Social Justice in Human Services (3)

HSSJ 2170  Interpersonal Relationships in Human Services (3)

HSSJ 2171  Human Interactions: Child and Adolescent Development (3)

Spring Semester

HSSJ 2172  Human Interactions: Adult Development (3)

HSSJ 2200  Principles of Ethical Leadership (3)

Fall or Spring Semester

SOC 1001  Introduction to Sociology (3)
or SOC 1002  The Sociological Imagination (3)

SOC 2101  Social Research Methods (3)

Two (2) SOC courses: one (1) from Category A, and one (1) from either Category A or B

Category A:
SOC 2170  Class and Inequality (3)
SOC 2179  Race and Minority Relations (3)

Category B:
SOC 2104  Contemporary Sociology Theory (3)
SOC 2175  Sociology of Sex and Gender (3)

Third or Fourth Year (total credits = 15)

Fall Semester

HSSJ 3100W  Program Planning and Evaluation, WID (3)

Spring Semester

HSSJ 3110W  Non-Profit and Organizational Management, WID (3)

HSSJ 4195  Capstone Seminar in Human Services and Social Justice - Final Spring Semester (3)

Fall or Spring Semester

HSSJ 3152  Fact, Field, and Fiction: Intersections in Human Services and Social Justice (6)

Elective Courses

HSSJ 1150  Non-Profit Management (3)

HSSJ 2160  The Role of NGOs in International Humanitarian Assistance (3)

HSSJ 4133  Supervised Experience in HSSJ (3)

HSSJ 4193  Research and Independent Study (variable)

HSSJ 4198  Topics in Human Services and Social Justice (3)